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The varioPRINT 140 Series of monochrome digital presses is a true digital printing solution that’s easy to use and delivers high-quality, consistent images while helping increase operator productivity. With a minimal footprint requirement, it fits in most operations and helps to reduce the environmental impact of your business

Vario Print Printer


The varioPRINT 140 Series uses DirectPress technology to convert digital data to toner images. This is a one-step process that produces zero ozone emissions, doesn’t require high temperatures and electrical charges, and results in consistent, high-quality images. The PRISMAsync Print Server features a convenient touchscreen press console for full workflow configuration, operation, and scheduling control

Advanced PRISMAsync security features include encrypted passwords, white list Integrity Checker, and e-Shredding function to help protect your data.


Customers want professional, finished documents, whether it’s simple booklets or complex manuals. Canon’s extensive, in-line finishing options allow for custom configurations of the varioPRINT 140 Series with a wide range of solutions, including preprint inserting, high-capacity stacking, folding and punching, stapling, and booklet-making. Customers may choose three different print speeds with the varioPRINT 115, varioPRINT 130, and varioPRINT 140 digital presses

Brilliant Versatility

The varioPRINT 140 Series is ideal for In-plants and CRDs that require a sustainable solution that’s extremely versatile, reliable, and easy to operate. It’s also a great fit for small to mid-size commercial printers with high-quality and high-uptime needs. This Series of digital presses will help cut costs, increase productivity, reduce your environmental footprint, and expand your business opportunities. The Canon varioPRINT 140 Series raises the bar on quality, dependability, and efficiency.

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