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Capture, share, and manage business information securely and stress-free. Our document management systems provides the ability to collaborate with teams around the world through a central, accessible,and searchable cloud hosted document management platform.

Managing all information sources, simply scan documents from your desktop scanner or multi-functional printer directly into the cloud through the Direct-Connect import tool

Eliminating back ups and server maintenance empowers growing businesses to make better business decisions without burdening tech teams.

Easy to deploy, easy to use and affordable, with virtually limitless ability to scale to your unique business needs, including powerful workflow options.

Simple database setup and search creation through the Solutions Builder, with exclusive business applications to get your team up and running.

Reducing cost and improving collaboration, users can utilize information more efficiently with a web-based strategy for cross functional tasks.

Designed for 99.9% uptime and durability, you can protect sensitive business information while ensuring documents are accurate and instantly available.

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