Canon ImagePROGRAF

imagePROGRAF Large-Format Color Printers

State-of-the-art large-format color printing solutions designed with exceptional speed, flexibility and quality. With four distinct lines of printers; 12-color for the Photography and Graphics markets, 8-color for the Production market and 5-color for the Technical Documents and General Use markets.

Three printers are shown in the ImagePROGRAF series

Canon imagePROGRAF Series Wide-Format

The imagePROGRAF line of large-format printers is at the forefront of the industry. Specialized customer solutions and applications range from fine art and photography to production printing, and technical documents to general purpose poster-making.

Inside every imagePROGRAF large-format printing system are proprietary Canon technologies configured to meet the unique needs of its customers, with each seamlessly integrated to enhance performance and optimize results.

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An image of a 3d building blueprint

Setting the Next Standard of Engineering

Canon delivers the imagePROGRAF TX Series of Large-format Printers— the solution to help you capitalize on the emerging market trends and help lead your organization on the path to success.

Some of the leading Canon technologies behind the success and popularity of imagePROGRAF large-format printers include:

  • Canon’s high-speed, super-efficient L-COA processor
  • Large, ultra-high-density print heads manufactured with Canon’s proprietary FINE (Full-photolithography Ink-jet Nozzle Engineering) technology
  • A color calibration function for photography, fine art, and production printers
  • Durable, vibrant pigment inks for fine art, production, and poster printing
  • Ink technology that improves image clarity and durability for the 5-color printers
  • Easy-to-use software and workflow solutions designed to address unique large-format printing requirements and expand customers’ capabilities

Core Technologies

Canon continues to innovate and build on its award-winning technology,** year after year. These advances have allowed Canon to design solutions to help improve productivity, maximize use, and enhance security features in a seamless system that can put you at the forefront of the large-format printing industry.

Built for today’s culture— where more is asked with less—Canon offers multifaceted advanced solutions for the high production, technical document inkjet printer market.

An image showing a Print Head, Optional Multifuction Roll, TX Stacker and Lucia TD Pigment Ink

Canon Colorwave

Océ ColorWave Large-Format Color Printers

ColorWave large format color printers, scanners, copiers and plotters, designed for applications in the Graphic Arts, Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and retail markets for poster printing.

One image of an ColorWave Printer is shown


Based on more than 10 years of proven technology, the ColorWave series inspires confidence with its convenient, hassle-free operation, high print quality, and outstanding reliability, when each detail counts. The ColorWave series is a flexible printing system that is ideal for both technical document and graphic arts print providers. The ColorWave series is full of smart, time-saving innovations that help reduce misprints and costs.

With automated roll switching, excellent workflow software, and a full range of well-tuned peripherals, the ColorWave series is capable of producing a broad application range with minimal operator intervention. Sophisticated security features support the safeguarding of your data, not only today, but into the future. The ColorWave series includes two models: one for worry-free, walk-up printing, and another for users that require higher media capacity and even more media versatility.

ColorWave Presentation


The ColorWave series offers hassle-free operation and high print quality in a convenient, cost-effective solution.

The ColorWave series printers are built for productivity: equipped with smart, time-saving innovations and easy-to-use functionalities that help reduce misprints.

Easy to use in every way

The ColorWave series printers help to ensure you get your prints out quickly and worry-free. The ClearConnect software suite and user interface supports your management of complex jobs with ease, and helps to ensure first-time-right printing. Submit jobs easily via the Publisher Select application, with automatic What You See Is What You Print previews to keep misprints to a minimum. Driver Select, the large format printer driver for Windows, further helps to reduce errors and gives you first-time-right results, with its clear and easy-to-use functionalities. And with Driver Express, you can print PostScript files in Mac and Windows environments.

ClearConnect image

Fits your workflow like a glove

The ColorWave series meets industry-standard security compliance. Canon’s secure POWERsync controller, running on Windows 10 lo T 05, allows for convenient and fast job processing, and its open architecture enables integration with a variety of print management applications. Handle incoming jobs with ease and confidence.

The ColorWave series offers productivity levels you can depend on. The powerful and reliable POWERsync controller provides lightning-fast job submission, and enables you to use the submission software, drivers, and control software that fit the way you work. The system is ideally suited to handle peak volumes when the pressure is on.

Ergonomic ease of use

The ColorWave series supports increased productivity with its simple and convenient roll loading method, automated roll switching, automatic roll width detection, and easy paper feeding. The rotatable user interface means you can operate the printer from the most convenient position that suits you. Collect your prints from the top delivery tray or your preferred finishing device.

Canon Plotwave

Océ PlotWave Large-Format Black & White Printers

PlotWave large format printers from Canon Solutions America are proven performers when it comes to black-and-white document printing, plotting, scanning, and copying.

3 printers of Plotwave series


For complex technical document print jobs, it is important that your printer produces impressive results every time. Designed for CAD professionals, the PlotWave series makes printing large format documents easy with its intuitive touchscreen interface. Intelligent automation utilizes the power under the hood and tunes it to support high performance. Robust security features help safeguard your data. With its small footprint, ergonomics, and clean, closed toner system, a PlotWave series technical document printer is an excellent fit in busy departmental or workgroup environments.


Printer only or multi-function (print/copy/scan) system with integrated scanner

Integrated Top Delivery Tray (neatly collates and stacks up to 100 E-size plots)

ClearConnect walk-up interface (intuitive touchscreen control)

Cloud-integrated workflow option (scan to/print from cloud)

Proven core technologies from Canon help to deliver superior productivity

Single or optional dual roll media capability (up to 650 feet per roll)


Printer only or multi-function (print/copy/scan) system with integrated scanner

Integrated Top Delivery Tray (neatly collates and stacks up to 100 E-size plots)

ClearConnect walk-up interface (intuitive touchscreen control)

Cloud-integrated workflow option (scan to/print from cloud)

Proven core technologies from Canon help to deliver superior productivity

Single or optional dual roll media capability (up to 650 feet per roll)


PlotWave series printers are easy to use thanks to embedded intelligence and exceptional simplicity. Access and print your latest revisions from your home folder, cloud, or local network, or use the intuitive copying and scanning features available on the walk-up touchscreen interface. The PlotWave series enables you to print only the files in your own inbox, which is essential for project groups. Virtually no warm-up time means users can quickly print and collect their own confidential documents


With ClearConnect, even the most complex jobs and technical document sets become easy to print. Drag and drop files for great results. Accurate, live print previews enable you to check supports peace of mind and helps avoid costly, time-wasting misprints. Standardize your workflow and efficiently.

ClearConnect image

Canon Plotwave Trailer Video

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